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To order any of Dr. Maggie's CD's or Books just click on any of the items below. A PDF Order Form is provided for you to order and purchase your items directly for Dr. Maggie.



Jellylegs to the Front

Dr. Maggie’s Music CD, Moo-ving into Math

"Moo-ving into Math" A musical CD filled with 24 fun, action songs to help youngsters learn most basic math skills through active participation. (Also included: songs for counting, months of the year, and days of the week in Spanish.) Head Start, Pre-K, K, and 1st.

Jellylegs to the Front

Dr. Maggie’s Moo-ving into Math Journals

"Moo-ving into Math Journals" A great resource for teachers, this is a complementary book for the CD "Moo-ving" into Math (MCD-01), but stands alone as well. It’s filled with meaningful and easy-to-do activities, reproducibles of original song/chants, and pre-made journal pages all of which tie math to movement, music, reading, and writing and make learning math FUN! 96 pages.





Moo-ving into Math

Dr. Maggie’s Music CD, Reading Clues Blues

""Reading Clues Blues" Really Cool Songs About Reading!

Jellylegs to the Front

Dr. Maggie’s Reading Clues Kits

Reading Clues Kits “Cool Literacy Kits for Learning Centers” Grades K-3 is a book for differentiated literacy skills practice. It is a collection of instructional and entertaining reading skills songs and chants with fun and meaningful learning center kits that provide hands-on practice with word work connected to Word Walls. The book is divided into five parts: Name Kits, Key Word Kits, High Frequency Word Kits, Base & Root Word Kits, and Theme Word Kits. 20 interactive song/chant reproducibles, mini-books and game reproducibles are also included.





Reading Cluse Blues

Dr. Maggie’s Music CD, Critters, Colors, & Clouds

Ready for 23 songs to encourage your Junior Scientists to explore their world in a FUN way? Then join Dr. Maggie and “The Explorers” in Critters, Colors, and Clouds CD to help children sing their way to learning about physical, earth, and life science topics, five senses, and body awareness. Youngsters learn songs about light, night, and rainbows bright; about bears, bees, trees, and seas; about seasons, safety, hearts and brains, even songs about the rain...all in a developmentally appropriate, fun-filled way!

Jellylegs to the Front

Dr. Maggie’s Critters, Colors, & Clouds Learning Center Book

Dr. Maggie’s Critters, Colors, & Clouds Learning Center Book includes 96 pages of literacy-based activities, mini-lessons, and learning log reproducibles for super science fun. Representing a differentiated approach to science and literacy instruction, the book contains 23 interactive songs/chants with dozens of fun learning center activities. This book meets standards and builds skills in reading, writing, and science and coordinates with the musical CD: Critters, Colors, & Clouds.



Dr. Maggie’s Music CD, Jellylegs to the Front

"Jellylegs to the Front" Fun Circle Time and Transition Songs! As performed by: Dr. Maggie and The Jellylegs Singers.

Jellylegs to the Front

Dr. Maggie’s Time for Literacy Centers

Dr. Maggie’s Time for Literacy Centers! Grades K-1 Featuring Dr. Maggie’s Center Pals Dozens of differentiated practice activities for your Reading Center, Writing Center, Word Work Center, and Listening Center. Interactive mini-books. Hands-on fun. 112 pages



Dr. Maggie’s Music CD, Wiggly-Giggly Action Time

With 23 exciting songs to thrill children into wiggles, giggles, shakes, and shouts, Wiggly-Giggly Action Time is a musical must for all early childhood classrooms. The songs include “anytime” movement songs, and songs for special occasions. Each song is introduced by Dr. Maggie and friends so that teachers and children know exactly what to do as they sing and move to the music. Whether children are celebrating with Birthday Boogie, acting silly with Boom! Boom!, singing about feelings in No Sir-ee!, or moving to the beat of Baby, 1, 2, 3, they are having FUN!

Jellylegs to the Front

Dr. Maggie’s MORE Time for Literacy Centers

MORE Time for Literacy Centers for grades 1-2 continues where Time for Literacy Centers left off with multi-levels of Reading, Writing, Word Work, and Listening Center activities which may be used equally well during your interventions.


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