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Welcome to Dr. Maggie Allenís Learning Express
Month-by-Month Classroom Connections for
Pre-K through Grade 2
Now Includes Grade 3

How to best-use these songs and activities:

Designed for busy teachers who want fun, motivating ways to build student's language skills, these simple activities may be used in a variety of ways. They can be included as warm‑ups to shared reading experiences, as mini‑skill lessons, or as pocket‑chart and center activities. They can also be integrated into other curriculum areas.

For pre‑kindergarten children, introduce the rhymes and songs orally. After students are confident, display the poem/song in chart format or as an overhead transparency. (You can write the lyrics on chart paper or enlarge the reproducible page and glue it on poster board.)

For kindergarten and first‑grade children, enlarge the print and cut the rhyme and song charts into sentence strips and/or word cards. Children can use these in pocket charts so they can revisit the text. Remember that young children enjoy repetition and find it stimulating, not boring. They gain confidence as they meet familiar verses again and again. Repetition helps them internalize the vocabulary and syntax.

For second grade children, use the songs and poems as literacy spring boards to activate their own creative writing.

Build literacy by calling student's attention to rhyming words, word families, and spelling patterns. This will help reinforce phonemic awareness, reading, writing, and spelling skills. Extend listening and speaking skills to singing, drawing, and dramatizing to reach all learning modalities and intelligences.

After students learn the poem or song at school, reproduce it and send it home to share with their families. Using these activities is an easy way to build the school‑home connection so important to children's learning.



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