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About Dr. Maggie

Her Background

Dr. Margaret Allen, Ph.D., known nationally as Dr. Maggie, is a speaker, author, and musician, and is best known as a specialist in early childhood education and in literacy development across the elementary grades. With 25 years of experience in the classroom and a doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Maggie shares her passion for music and children along with her research-based "cutting edge" information with other educators throughout the nation. Known as the presenter with an idea a minute, she captivates her audiences at schools and at state and national venues with her contagious enthusiasm. Blessed with boundless energy, she feels honored to share her life's work, knowledge, and music with other teachers, children and parents.

Her Recent Publications and Recordings

Dr. Allen developed, and published through Creative Teaching Press, the Dr. Maggie's Phonics Readers: A New View series and the accompanying resource guide when she saw a need for phonics-based literature that builds on children's prior knowledge and physically involves them in their learning using proven strategies incorporating music, rhythm, rhyme, and repetition. She also produced the companion musical cassettes and CD's for the series.

Understanding that kindergarten and first grade children need both word and world knowledge to unlock words and read fluently, Dr. Maggie created additional practice materials filled with meaningful skill-related activities that make learning to read fun. All published by Creative Teaching Press (CTP), these include Dr. Maggie's Phonics Games, Dr. Maggie's Phonics Make & Take Activity Books, and Dr. Maggie's Phonics Learning Centers.

To develop integrated reading, writing, and thinking skills early on and throughout the elementary years, Dr. Maggie has written and published with CTP the following exciting materials: Balancing Literacy for grades K-2, Responding to Literature for grades 1-3, and with another author, Coaching Struggling Readers: Getting Sidelined Readers Off the Bench and Back in the Game for grades 3-5.

To add music throughout the day and to use music and movement for positive classroom management, Dr. Maggie wrote, recorded, and produced her latest musical CD, Jellylegs to the Front: Fun Circle Time & Transition Songs for Pre-K through second grade.

All of Dr. Margaret Allen's materials represent the culmination of what she calls her "life's work" - material she developed because of her student's needs,, and materials which she hopes will empower children and teachers because they are infused with music, movement, repetition, and fun - all of which are supported by a growing body of research which strongly suggests that these skills develop our children's brains and increase not only the children's ability to learn, but also their teacher's ability to make learning enjoyable!


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